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IOLTA/Trust Accounting

Not all accounting professionals are treated equal. Be sure you are working with a

professional who understands trust accounting/bookkeeping and 3-way reconciliation, which require specialized knowledge based on your state’s Bar Association.


Bookkeeping Clean Up

If you are behind with your bookkeeping and/or trust reconciliation, we will provide

clean-up services to gets your records up to date in compliance with the bar association’s standards.

Advanced Client Costs

 In order to increase your firms’ revenues, we ensure that client costs are being captured and recouped timely.


CFO Financial Services

We will provide industry specific financial reporting, financial consultations, and offer

ways how to increase revenues and help remedy any financial issues.


Bar Audit Assistance

 We help legal professionals whose licenses are at risk of being suspended, revoked

and/or disbarred due to lack of financial controls in the firm.


Staff Training & HR Assistance

If you are looking for assistance with the workload, we can assist with hiring

workers also training staff on firm’s processes, policies and procedures.

Let's get your time back so you can strategically grow your law firm.

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